About SeNSS

Who we are

The South East Network for Social Sciences (SeNSS) is an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)-funded consortium formed of 10 leading UK universities, all of which are engaged in cutting-edge social science research and training:

City, University of London,
University of East Anglia,
University of Essex (the co-ordinating institution),
Goldsmiths, University of London,
University of Kent,
University of Reading,
University of Roehampton, London,
Royal Holloway, University of London,
University of Surrey, and
University of Sussex.

SeNSS offers studentships and post-doctoral fellowships across 13 Pathways:

  • Business and Management Studies (offered by City, UEA, Essex, Kent, Reading, Royal Holloway, Surrey and Sussex);
  • Development Studies (offered by UEA, Reading, Royal Holloway, Surrey and Sussex);
  • Economics (offered by City, UEA, Essex, Reading, Royal Holloway, Surrey and Sussex);
  • Education (offered by UEA, Goldsmiths, Reading, Roehampton and Sussex);
  • Human Geography (offered by UEA, Reading, Royal Holloway and Sussex);
  • Linguistics (offered by UEA, Essex, Kent, Reading and Surrey);
  • Politics and International Relations (offered by UEA, Essex, Kent, Reading, Royal Holloway and Sussex);
  • Psychology (offered by UEA, Essex, Goldsmiths, Kent, Reading, Royal Holloway and Sussex);
  • Science, Technology, and Sustainability Studies (offered by UEA, Kent, Surrey and Sussex);
  • Social Anthropology (offered by UEA, Goldsmiths, Kent, Roehampton and Sussex);
  • Social Work and Social Policy (offered by UEA, Kent and Sussex);
  • Socio-Legal Studies (offered by UEA, Essex, Kent, Reading and Sussex); and,
  • Sociology (offered by City, Essex, Goldsmiths, Kent and Sussex).
What we offer our researchers, external partners and students

SeNSS offers a world-class inter-disciplinary PhD research and training environment. It is committed to supporting its internationally recognised researchers and to producing the next generation of talented social scientists. SeNSS has been accredited as a prestigious Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the national body which funds research and training in economic and social issues. The first intake of SeNSS students began their studies in October 2017, and the current competition for SeNSS Studentships opened in October 2017. Please go to our Prospective Students page for further information.

SeNSS focusses on three things in particular:

• Our rigorous doctoral training programme, making the most of our members’ diverse specialisms and offering our students a wide array of subject-specific as well as advanced training opportunities. SeNSS offers high-calibre supervision, driven by our members’ emphasis on formal training and research culture.

• Supporting our researchers in producing their cutting edge exploration of the most challenging social science issues of our day. In particular, we do this through promoting interdisciplinary research networks, a focus on key social challenges and the role of social science in addressing these, and an emphasis on research impact, and engaging with senior research users and practitioners.

• Sponsoring more and better ways for researcher user and practitioners to harness social science research. In particular, we organise formal PhD student placements with external organisations, host collaborative research involving external partners, and convene a forum for senior research users and practitioners to support new innovations in research collaboration.