The SeNSS student-led studentship competition is open to applicants who come up with their own research proposal. 

How do I apply for a SeNSS student-led studentship?

  1. First, you will need to apply to your chosen university for a PhD place. The deadline for applying for a PhD place, regardless of which SeNSS university you apply to, will be sometime in mid to late January 2019. (The precise deadline ill be posted here in October 2018.)
  2. Once you have applied to your chosen institution for a PhD place, you should talk to your proposed supervisor about whether or not to make an application for a SeNSS Studentship. You will need to do this as you are required to consult your supervisor about your proposed research proposal, which you must include in your Studentship application form, and you will need to ask your supervisor to provide a supporting statement for your application.
  3. You will also need to talk to your chosen university's SeNSS administrative lead, as they will tell you how to access the online SeNSS application form once you have applied for your place at this university. Please go to the "Contacts" page of this website to find out who the administrative lead is that you need to talk to.
  4. You will need to complete the online SeNSS application form, which includes uploading the transcripts of any degrees you hold, and providing the names of two referees who will be contacted to provide references for you.

How will my SeNSS studentship application be assessed?

Your application will first be assessed by your home institution. If your application is successful, it will be sent to the relevant SeNSS Pathway Assessment panel. These disciplinary panels will rank your application along with others in that Pathway in order of merit. This ranked list will be sent to the SeNSS Office, to be combined in a single ranked list with the other applications from all thirteen SeNSS Pathways. The SeNSS Management Board will then meet to discuss this list, and to formally agree which applications have been successful.

You will be notified at each stage of this process whether or not your application has been successful. Those applicants who are awarded studentships will be advised of this in March. 

When will I hear whether my application has been successful?

There are a number of selection phases during the SeNSS studentship competition. You will be told by your chosen university after each phase whether or not your application has progressed to the next round of the competition. The final selection phase will be held at the end of March each year, and you will be notified during April whether or not you have been awarded a SeNSS student-led studentship.

For further questions, please refer to the "Application FAQs" page of this website.