What is "active post-doctoral experience"?

The ESRC describes active postdoctoral experience as any research post that is undertaken since passing the viva. You must have no more than 12 months experience in a research post at the time of the closing date of the competition.



How much funding can I apply for?

There is no maximum limit on the overall amount applied for, but there is a £10,000 limit on costs (excluding the fellow’s salary, as well as associated indirect and estate costs). In addition, 10% of the total amount applied for must be set aside for impact costs. Please bear in mind that the ESRC will only pay 80% of the full economic costing of the fellowship, and the host institution is expected to pay the remaining 20%.

Can I include in my costings funds to employ a laboratory technician to assist with my research?

The ESRC have agreed that, if this support is considered essential and will come within the £10k allowed for "other costs", you can include them in your application. However, the ESRC have made it very clear they would expect this to be on an ad-hoc basis, as the only staff permitted on this grant is the fellow.



A number of sections in the application form have 4,000 character limits. Does this include or exclude spaces?

The 4,000 character limit includes spaces. The ESRC has set this limit as it matches the limits on the Je-S system, which successful applicants will need to use to complete their final grant application.