Competitions for studentships starting October 2019

The studentships on offer are:

  •  the student-led competition, in which applicants devise their own research proposal, now open.

  • the collaborative competition, in which applicants apply for one of seven studentships linked to research projects created by supervisors and external partners, will open towards the end of November 2018.

  • the artificial intelligence competition, in which applicants apply for a studentship based at the University of Reading, on a supervisor-led research project, now open.

  • the joint ARIES-SeNSS competition, in which applicants apply for a studentship attached to a project created by a supervisory team. The projects offered are all inter-disciplinary, working at the boundaries of both the ESRC and NERC (the Natural Environment Research Council). This competition is now open.

Why should I apply for a SeNSS Studentship?

As a SeNSS student, you will be guided through your studies by excellent supervisors and are able to access high quality advanced training.

You will be part of a cohort of doctoral students spanning 10 universities and 13 pathways.

You will make connections with our established external partners including government departments, industry and NGOs.

These networks and connections will help you to launch your career within, or outside, academia.