SeNSS are pleased to announce the launch of Digital Social Research workshops in partnership with Sage Campus.


SeNSS has bought together leading computational experts to deliver a bespoke suite of 5 training workshops designed to equip with you with new skills as a digital social scientist, in areas such as data analytics, machine learning, story maps, Bayesian methods and more.


You can find full details the workshops here.


Workshop 1: Web scraping for social scientists - a practical introduction  

When: 18 June 2019

Where: University of Essex  


Workshop 2: Telling a story through maps – a practical introduction to Geographical Information Systems

When: 23 July 2019

Where: University of Essex


Workshop 3: Using mobile devices to collect social science data – a practical introduction

When: 12 September 2019

Where: Goldsmiths


Workshop 4: Predictive analytics, topic modelling and text analytics using machine learning in social science – a practical introduction    

When: 11 October 2019

Where: University of Reading    


Workshop 5: Bayesian data analysis methods for social scientists: where to start and what software to use

When: 06 November 2019

Where: Goldsmiths       


Closing Conference, sponsored by Sage Campus

When: 09 December 2019

Where: Central London