Dear SeNSS Community


I hope you have all had restful vacations.


Two of our three studentship competitions are underway. The supervisor-led collaborative scheme closes on 23 September. At present, we can see 12 live applications on FluidReview but expect there are more underway within your institutions. Please encourage your colleagues to apply. As ever, we are happy to answer queries or point people towards example collaborative projects. The SeNSS-ARIES (ESRC-NERC) scheme closes on 23 September. Again, please encourage colleagues to apply.


Our main student-led competition will open on 1 Oct. This year, we will be holding an SeNSS information event in central London in late Oct/early Nov, and will also be running three online open days via Twitter. Both initiatives are designed to encourage widening participation. More details to follow.


We are delighted to launch Sentio journal today. Please follow the journal on Twitter @sentiojournal and retweet postings throughout the week. Great work all round by the SeNSS student editors and all contributors and reviewers! We are now recruiting a new student editorial team – please encourage your students to consider this opportunity.


We’re also very pleased to launch a SeNSS new short film. It draws on themes arising from our summer conference on ‘Social Science and Social Justice’. Do share with colleagues and potential applicants.


Finally, please join me in congratulating Fragkiskos Filippaios (our Deputy Director) on the safe arrival of his new baby boy, Nicholas.


Best wishes for the coming term/semester.


Pam Cox