Go to your SeNSS VLE for details of:

  • Training, including Advanced Training

  • Conferences, Workshops and Webinars

  • Student Forum

  • Funding and Policies

  • Work Placements and Internships


to VLE

To sign-in click on the 'Single Sign-On' (to the right) then follow the onscreen instructions (this takes you to the external University of Essex MoodleX site)

If you have not signed in previously, enter the name of your university then log-in using your own institutional username and password.

Once signed-in the main SeNSS page of the VLE can be accessed here.

If you are not already enrolled on the page, click on the ‘Enrol Me’ button.

Using the VLE

Logging in to Essex MoodleX for non-Essex staff and students (.mp4 13.5MB)

Making a request to become an editing teacher on the SeNSS VLE (.mp4 12.2MB)

Posting candidate training materials or info on the SeNSS VLE (.mp4 19.8MB)