Simon Oldham

Institutional email address:

SeNSS Pathway: Business & Management

Institution: Royal Holloway, University of London

Award year (year you begin your award) : 2017/18

Mode of study: +3

Main supervisor: Dr Laura Spence

Second supervisor: Dr Diego Valzquez-Brust

Project title/current research: How Does Organisational Growth Affect the Construct and Practice of Values within Small and Medium Sized Enterprises?

Description of project: The preponderance and accompanying study of ethics, but specifically values, within corporations has received much attention within the academic literature. Per contra, rather less research and investigation into the practice of values within Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs*) has been conducted. Yet the SME sector provides a unique and compelling opportunity to undertake research on values, due to the antipodean nature of these organisations to their corporate cousins; particularly, SMEs possession of a plethora of unique characteristics, in tandem with the economic and the financial turbulence they frequently endure. Given SMEs particular propensity for change this research seeks to investigate the construct and practice of values within SMEs as they grow, evolve and adapt, from start up to maturity.

Academic profile: (if you would like, please use this space to tell us a little bit about yoru previous academic achievements) Max 500 words. : I was awarded a First Class Honours degree from the University of the West of England in Business studies, and proceeded to undertake a Masters in Sustainability and Management at the University of Bath, for which I was awarded a Distinction. My Masters dissertation focused on personal values in the workplace, and this led me to apply for and be awarded a place to pursue a PhD in Management at Royal Holloway studying values within small and medium sized enterprises.

Personal statement: (If you would like, please use this space to tell us a little bit about yourself for a short online biography) Max 500 words.: From a young age I had a voracious thirst for knowledge, which manifested itself in my perpetually reading books to discover new ideas. After leaving school I worked in a small business, in a supervisory capacity, which led me to discover that the practice and study of business was the perfect outlet for this intrinsic curiosity. Naturally, this led to the germination of many questions within my mind, such as how organisations plan, behave and evolve, therefore I decided to pursue this interest by studying an undergraduate degree in business studies. This snowballed into undertaking a Masters, and now a PhD. I would love to secure an academic post after my PhD, with a view to spending my career within social science research.

In my spare time I love travel, having most recently visited Italy, Croatia and Estonia as well as run, read and spend time with my family!