Your Training


The Virtual learning Environment (VLE) is where you can find everything SeNSS has to offer connected with training. This includes links to online sites for core and subject-specific training, plus online professional development opportunities,  materials related to all kinds of training activities, details of advanced training opportunities, plus a page for conducted your training needs analysis (TNA).

[This will be a link to the VLE page where the TNA will be implemented.]

Training Needs Analysis

Each year every student, with their supervisors, must carry out a TNA: this is carried out online via the VLE. The TNA is, as the name implies, an assessment of the training needs they have that are required in order to deliver their PhD. This analysis focuses on the training that is NOT provided via traditional supervision. You might need to learn to use a piece of computer software, or master a programming language, or foreign language skills, or to carry out a particular kind of data access, management or specific statistical analysis etc. etc.

Having identified that this training need exists, and that you need to fulfil this need during the coming year, you then should together identify how, where and when this need will be met. You may need to identify a course that is offering this training, somewhere in the UK or even online.

If the training is not free you need to identify how it will be paid for. Each student has a Research Training Support Grant (RTSG) which can be drawn upon to pay for an identified training need. There are often other sources of funding available, within your own institution or via small dedicated funds for PhD students offered by journals, or learned and professional societies.

When the training need is met, you and your supervisor will need to record that this has occurred.  As well as assessing new training needs at the start of each year of your PhD, you will also review how well you manged to meet the needs in the previous year.

[Alan will make a screencast on the TNA VLE page bit when it’s done, or it might be on FluidReview.]